1. Servers may have their game changed just open a ticket in our discord BUT the price you are paying might change as different games have different price values depending on a variety of values.
  2. Yes you can upgrade your server but once again open a ticket in our discord and ask staff what you want and we can give you the price for it.
  3. We will not refund you just because you used your server for one day and never touched it after that, that is your decision to not use it not ours.
  4. If our hosting goes down for more than 7 hours you may be entitled to a partial refund / extra bonuses if our hosting is down for more than a day you may even be entitled to a free month of hosting (only for people who have been hosting with us for more than 15 days)
  5. We do support fivem hosting at the moment BUT we do NOT support fivem TX admin hosting.
  6. we can NOT give you special treatment because you “know” a staff member or your a “friend” or “relative” of any of our staff team.
  7. all support tickets are answered in order from first to last so don’t get angry when you have to wait a bit before getting a response from us.
  8. Any files you leave with us when you stop hosting CAN be taken and possibly downloaded by us, we will not take anything for our own profit or to host our own servers using your assets this is just a fair warning to say this MIGHT happen.
  9. If you leave files with us depending on the game and how much storage your taking up you may have between 5 to 15 days to collect your files (please make a ticket as we WILL suspend your server during this time)
  10. We do NOT accept any payments of “fame” or “clout” we only accept paypal and any credit / debit cards / crypto paypal are supporting and let you use if you try to pay us in “clout” or anything other than real money you may be ban and if currently hosting with us we do have the right to shutdown your server if you can’t pay us.
  11. We do NOT work for free (referent to info 10 here) it costs a lot to host and maintain our servers so we will never give anybody special discounts just because they want to promote if you want a discount please visit one of our supported partners that offer small discounts.
  12. Not all of our staff members know every detail about he plugin you just installed or the game server your hosting, while we will try to get you in touch with a support agent that knows the most about the specific topic we can not confirm you will get help on addons for games you will always get some level of support, if you have a fivem server no we can not always help you install and setup vMenu or FivePD or anything similar but we can help you with other things.